Artisan Designed Wood Furniture

by Conel O’Regan

 For the Muskoka state of mind. Unique & original hand-crafted furniture from The Forest Floor Studio in Muskoka. Keeping the natural aspects of the forest alive in each design.

My Work Can Also Be Seen On Display & Purchased At 

Arts At The Albion

Gravenhurst Ontario,
100 Muskoka Rd N.

The Rosseau Farmer’s Market

Rosseau Ontario,
Located At The Waterfront
Every Friday – Canada Day weekend to Labour Day weekend

Port Carling Woodworks

Port Carling Ontario,
129 Medora Street

“It Always Starts With a Walk In The Forest.”


I live on 70 acres of rugged Muskoka forest and canyon land. Parts of the property are old growth forest as the terrain they occupy was too steep and irregular to be ever logged. Lucky land. Muskoka Canyon cuts through the property allowing Sharps Creek to flow through its steep inclines. The property is also part of a provincial managed forest program. As stewards of our land some of our projects for the land include trail building, tree thinning, and re-establishing hardwood growth in some areas. The wood that I gather from the forest comes from dead and windfall trees.

The Inspiration

Walk in a straight line in the forest and you will inevitably walk into a tree. Straight lines do not exist in the forest and I try to not encourage straight lines in my work. Wood is living thing even after it ends its relationship with the forest floor. Air, temperature, and the elements still affect its movement after the fact.

To celebrate that I work with a minimum set of tools, using few of the usual tools associated with woodworking. A chainsaw or one-man crosscut saw cuts rounds and mills. A hand sanding process replaces planers. The legs of Maple, Ironwood, Oak, and Beech are all finished by hand.

I often use colour in my work. Inspired by the totem poles and use of vibrant contrasting colours of First Nation art, I highlight the scars, knots, and imperfections that wood often has. Much of furniture building is about conquering the wood with exact level surfaces, ninety-degree angles, and a uniformed finish. Perfect in many ways, but not the way the forest creates the material.

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